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Neral is an idyllic town on the western coast of India & downhill of Matheran hill station. It lies almost on the same latitude of Mumbai. This easy accessibility has helped it evolve as a prime weekend getaway.

Neral is nearest to the hub of developments taking place in Raigad district with road and rail infrastructure in place.

Neral is 40km away from all big developments happening in Raigad district like Reliance SEZ, Navi Mumbai SEZ, International Airport (Panvel), Largest exhibition center (Panvel) & Terminus Railway Stations (Panvel).

Neral falls under the MMRDA development zone. Neral has an amazingly varied topography:Scenic, verdant hills, Farmhouses, Resorts, Training centers, Boarding schools & Paddy fields surrounded by tiny hamlets and villages.

This tranquil, unpolluted environment and comfortable proximity to Mumbai gives it a unique advantage for those looking for:
• A weekend retreat, holiday home or permanent residence.
• Investing in property with a fast-escalating appreciation potential.

Neral – A Gold Mine for Property Investors

The Neral area has emerged as an ideal vacation home destination and investment location. Close proximity to Mumbai and upcoming infrastructure projects have ignited strong interest in property around Neral.

The recently sanctioned SEZ plan in Raigad district is great news to investors in and around Neral.
The new road-links planned, including the Panvel-Neral-Chakan will reduce the distance to Neral from 75km to barely 40km within the next few years, thereby reducing travel time to less than an hour. Planned infrastructure projects in the vicinity like the twin Special Economic Zones (Navi-Mumbai SEZ and Maha-Mumbai SEZ), international airport at Panvel, Rewas-Aware Port and the Mumbai-Pune expressway have also served to highlight Neral as a preferred residential real-estate destination.

The above, planned upcoming changes have attracted the interest of investors in property to see immense potential of appreciation in real estate around Neral. Non Resident Indians have been seeking opportunities for investments. properties around Neral. Many domestic and foreign ventures have been taking place around Neral which increases the chances of appreciation of the real-estate.

In view of all these factors, it would not be unrealistic to expect a ten to twenty-fold appreciation in real estate valuations in the Neral region over the next 4-5 years.
Property investments made easy.
We have simplified the purchase process for individual buyers by developing prime land locations and
dividing them into plots for re-sale to investors. Our philosphy of one point of contact and minimal
paperwork has proved highly popular among buyers.

Needs (buying a properties)

• You need not be an agriculturist/farmer. Anyone can buy plots at Space City.
• One point of contact.
• Your presence is required only for signing the govt and legal documents.
• Gardening, swimming pool, club house, security, maintenance, etc. distributed among plot holders of project.
• At Space City we can do everything for you. From transferring the 7/12 extract to your name, architectural and landscape design,    construction, water supply to electrical fitting.
• Non-Agricultural land FSI is much higher at 1 (100%), i.e on a land of 100 square meters you can utilise the entire 100 for    constructing a house